By Julia Magsombol 

Local Journalism Initiative 

[email protected]

The Columbia Valley Métis Association (CVMA) is making a short video series about Métis elders.

“We want to share the stories of our elders — our local Métis elders that have lived in the Columbia Valley for a long time,” said CVMA community coordinator Kelsey Prichard. “They can share the story of their family and how they got here . . . it could also be stories, like their memories of childhood or what it was like growing up as a Métis person.” 

Elders who want to take part in the video project can contact the CVMA. “They can share whatever is important to them,” Prichard noted.

She said there will be an interviewing process and filming included. The CVMA has been planning this project for almost a year, and this would be their first video project. 

“Hopefully, it’s something that we can showcase on our website or play in our Métis spaces. We want to honour our elders and their stories in their lives,” Prichard said. 

The filming and interviewing will take place in the following months. Prichard explained that the video will be available next year. 

“We can [hopefully] feel the honours of our elders and respectfully share their stories. It’ll give us some insight into how everyone got here,” she added. “I hope the younger folks involved learn something.”

All Métis elders can participate by contacting the CVMA at [email protected] or by calling 250-270-0291.