Dear Editor:

I feel compelled to respond regarding a recent Jeers in The Pioneer Cheers and Jeers column regarding the use of cell phones and the emergency services.

I dont care how many driving safety courses there is to take or go on, (and Ive been on a few as my time as a professional driver back in England, if carrying 144 members of the public on a public service bus is classed as professional), having a cell phone pressed against your ear while driving is a DISTRACTION.

Im sure that there are many reasons why the emergency services have to use cell phones as part as their working tools, but in this day and age of technology with Bluetooth capabilities and hands-free phones, there is no reason to have a cell phone stuck to your ear while driving.

So maybe to stop members of public getting annoyed enough to air their views in newspapers, a good solution would be to have these devices issued or fitted to emergency vehicles, so that there can be peace and harmony once again in the valley.

Mark Brough