Dear Editor:

This is in response to the reader from Canmore who wrote a letter in last weeks paper implying that as a customer he has the right to demand good service and respect.

It is an agreed-upon fact that we all expect good service.

However, this reader goes on to state that, Its crazy how much money is spent encouraging customers to their door, only to be greeted by inexperienced dirt-cheap floor staff who plainly dont give a damn about anything but a paycheck.

Wow. Has this reader already assumed that the person who greets them is inexperienced dirt-cheap floor staff? Seems to me that this reader has a preconceived notion that he is going to be served by this kind of people before he has even sat down!

I say to you sir, that sometimes it is not the attitude of the server, but the attitude of the CUSTOMER as well that makes for a poor dining experience.

In order to have great service, it is the responsibility also of the customer to be just as friendly and pleasant to the server. Its the old honey versus vinegar concept.

The reader goes on to say that if he is served poorly once, then thats it, he is finished. Wow, no second chances here!

As with any business, there will be times when you hire someone you shouldnt have, and that person will need to be re-trained or let go. Again, the reader does have a choice to walk out and write a letter to the local paper, but why not speak to the manager and provide the necessary feedback so something can be done about it?

I would also submit that it is often the norm to be served in the valley by hardworking people who are trying to earn a decent living, and are most respectful and a delight to be served by. I agree there may be a few others who need some lessons in how to serve customers; however, the valley is a great place for good service!

I am a proud part-time resident of this beautiful valley, and also proud to be served by these hardworking people. If you do not feel you are being served appropriately, I suggest that maybe its YOU who needs to change his attitude.

Ralph Barrie