Dear Editor:

It was with interest that I read the article regarding David Paceys legal problems associated with his trailbuilding efforts. It was unfortunate that the article was not complete and I hope to see the full article in the next edition (Editors note: See adjacent Correction ).

Regardless, why is Parks Canada wasting so much time and money on something so trivial? You would think Parks Canada couldnt afford to waste money after all the free passes they are handing out this year. I wonder how many trails could have been fixed with all that lost revenue?

As stated in the article, Mr. Pacey was found, on April 20th, 2016, using a Swede saw to remove a sapling tree from the path on the Kindersley Pass Trail in Kootenay National Park.

Perhaps Parks Canada should have set up a barricade around that sapling to protect it from those insane people hell-bent on cutting trees or from being trampled on by those crazy hikers who feel compelled to hike on the trail.

I also wonder how does Parks Canada plan to protect all those saplings in the prescribed burn areas of Kootenay Park… or do they?

I call on all activists to save the saplings by chaining themselves to every sapling in the path of those fires. Together, well prevent Parks Canada from burning the poor defenseless saplings. Then after that, well send in the clowns!

Jan Michaelian