Dear Editor,

There has been some controversy about effects of WiFi and wireless Smart Meters.

An international group of organizationsfrom Spain, France, Portugal andSwedenmet in Madrid last month to follow up and take action on the Council of Europes Resolution 1815 regarding wireless microwave-producing devices. Specifically:

1. that WiFi systems, wireless phone networks, mobile phones, and other devices generating electromagnetic pollutionare prohibitedinteaching centres/schools, libraries, and places frequented by children;

2. that health centres, hospitals, nursing homes, public social services frequented by children are converted into white zones, free of electromagnetic pollution;

3. thatelectrohypersensitivityis recognized as an environmental illness and as a disability, and the rights of those who so suffer are guaranteed;

4. to establish urgently amoratorium on the deployment of 4G systemsof mobile phone, that by its greater biological damage and building penetration, exponentially increases the risks to which the population is exposed;

5. to stop the installation of remote management meters (SMART meters), wireless as well as PLC, and stop the public subsidies to electric oligopolies; launchinformation campaignson the risks of these technologies.

Beverley Sinclair