Submitted by RDEK

While smoky conditions are expected to linger in the Fairmont area tonight, firefighters have contained a fire that broke out earlier this afternoon.
“Our Fairmont firefighters, with the support of firefighters and tenders from Invermere and Windermere, and the BC Wildfire Service did an incredible job of getting the fire under control,” says Columbia Valley Rural Fire & Rescue Chief Jim Miller. “It started in a gulley, in steep, difficult-to-access terrain and without the work of everyone involved, could have been much more serious.”
In total, 8 firefighters from Fairmont, 4 from Windermere and 2 from Invermere battled the fire, which is estimated to have burned approximately 2 hectares, for several hours.  A BC Wildfire Service crew arrived this evening to assist.
“We have secured a perimeter around the fire and wet it down; however, there are still hot spots within the fire’s interior that will continue to smolder and create smoke into tomorrow,” explains Miller.  “As a result, residents can expect the smoky conditions to continue through tonight.”
The scene has now been turned over to the BC Wildfire Service, who will have a crew on site tomorrow to continue to deal with hot spots within the fire’s perimeter.
The cause of the fire is under investigation.