By Steve Hubrecht

Pioneer Staff

Slocan-based father-daughter duo Holly and Jon will make their way to Invermere this weekend to give the Upper Columbia Valley a blast of the blues.

Holly Hyatt has been making music with her dad, Jon Burden, since before she was in kindergarten, and what started as family fun time eventually blossomed into a professional occupation, with the pair having recorded albums together for more than a decade now.

They will be playing at Pynelogs on Saturday, December 3rd.

We do traditional blues and some of our own original blues, which is more contemporary. We do electric and acoustic blues, Chicago blues and Delta blues with slide guitar, Mr. Burden told The Pioneer.

The pairs latest album, Shufflin the Blues, was released earlier this year, and has so far been well received, with Mr. Burden saying: were getting airplay all over the place, from more than 300 radio stations.

This success has led Holly and Jon to make a tour in support of their album across the Kootenay region.

The new album and the tour feature the father-daughter combo adding a third band member a drummer for a fuller sound.

Mr. Burden plays guitars and sings backing vocals, while Ms. Hyatt is the lead singer and plays stand-up bass and regular bass.

Holly was about four years old when I realized she could really sing. She would just start singing all around the house while I was strumming (guitar). She clearly had an innate talent for it, said Mr. Burden, adding that her musical prowess wasnt a huge surprise since both sides of her family have strong musical backgrounds.

She first picked up bass when she was nine years old and just progressed from there, he said, adding that, aside from the blues, Holly also performs jazz and folk, and that he has played in rock bands, country bands, folk bands and bluegrass bands.

So we have quite a broad repertoire of influences, said Mr. Burden. But it always comes back to the blues. The blues is where I got my musical passion from, in terms of something that really hit home for me. Rock comes from blues, country comes from blues, and jazz comes from blues, so it really is at the root of everything.

Holly and Jons Kootenay tour is sponsored by the Columbia Basin Trust and the Kootenay Columbia Cultural Alliance. Tickets are available at the door for $15. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. To learn more about the band check out

For more information, contact the CV Arts at Pynelogs at 250-342-4423 or