There’s one more thing for which to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day as Rocky River Grill will be whipping up a free Thanksgiving feast for everyone to enjoy.

The dinner, which will be served on Monday, October 14th from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., is a fundraiser for the Columbia Valley Food Bank. Donations of cash and food that hasn’t passed its best-before date are gratefully accepted.

While Rocky River Grill will serve everyone on Thanksgiving regardless of their means, their guests’ contributions will provide countless meals for those in need.

Lawrie Mack, chair of the food bank, said he recalls taking three truck loads of food donations down to the food bank’s shelves after the last Feed the Valley feast at Rocky River Grill.

“Everything we do is based on donations from the Valley,” he said.

For some of his estimated 720 clients, the hampers the food bank provides are “absolutely critical to their putting food on the table,” he said. “They’re stuck in a situation where they’re trying to survive. They’re trying to get their kids to school. They’re trying to juggle a job or two jobs (or struggling with seasonal employment).”

Mr. Mack said Feed the Valley will offer guests “a big, beautiful turkey dinner” and a chance to share their thanks with their neighbours who are in need.