Chloe Danielle Marson

Assistant Summer Curator

Its opening night tonight (Friday, May 29th) at Pynelogs Cultural Centre and Art Gallery, and we expect to see your curious faces taking in some new works brought to us by artists Darlene Purnell, Elizabeth Stuart, Kristine Soellner, Deanna Gauthier, and Sharlene Scofield. Youll also be able to enjoy some fresh samplings from Saftas Kitchen. Saftas is taking care of provisions for the evening, sharing with us a few of their signature offerings.

Between 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. today (May 29th), Kristine Soellner will be giving us a glimpse into her painting practice, while tonight, Sharlene Scofield will demonstrate her fabric spinning practice. At noon on Sunday, May 31st, Elizabeth Stuart will set up a few easels for a demonstration of her painting process.

Youre encouraged to come down, bring the children, see how these artists work, and expand your perspectives. What better way to unwind and end the week?

Representational paintings portraying the natural wonders of this heavenly valley, and dynamic explorations in the fabric arts will hold space in Pynelogs from May 26th to June 7th.

Dont forget, when you need a boost, weve got the art, the food, and the view to refresh and excite your senses. See you soon!