By Pioneer staff 

Fire activity around Mineral Creek (N22147), southwest of Panorama, was removed from the Wildfires of Note list on Monday, Aug. 1. Earlier last week, the fire reached 103 hectares and has remained largely stable since then.

Wetline reinforcement has been a top priority for the firefighting crew.

“The blackline went in successfully along the south flank on Wednesday (July 28). On Thursday, (July 29) work continues on the wetline to reinforce the small area of freshly burned fuels. A wetline is comprised of hose or sprinklers that are strategically placed along a control line to keep consistent moisture and humidity in the area. Work continues on the hand-built fuel-free guard in the slide chute where it is too steep for machines to operate and retardant will be laid down to reinforce that fuel-free. The planned ignition is on hold for right now but will begin when site conditions allow. Helicopters will continue to bucket areas to help cool pieces of the fire as required,” the report stated on Wednesday, July 28.

Although the fire is stable, 27 firefighters and two helicopters continue to fight the fire.

“General objectives remain the same. On Sunday (Aug. 1), crews continue working on a wetline and mopping up the southwest corner of the fire.” The last report noted that firefighters were also mopping up the northeast corner.