By Julia Magsombol 

Local Journalism Initiative 

[email protected]

On June 29 the ?Akisq’nuk First Nation offered a unique demonstration in ribbon skirt sewing at ?Akisq’nuk First Nation Complex in Windermere.

?Akisq’nuk member Janice Alpine said she was excited to help others and show her skills. 

A ribbon skirt is a handmade garment made of simple fabric and multiple colours, often worn in Indigenous communities. 

She noted the demonstration was a gathering that they hope to continue throughout the year.

“They [the skirts] are beautiful garments to adorn,” said Alpine. 

Alpine assisted people on how to sew the skirts. She described sewing as a skill and how this was her passion since the age of 16 when she sewed her first regalia. 

“I was impressed that I actually was able to make it,” she said. 

Sewing makes Alpine feel good for accomplishing something that looks great, and that “I can wear the next day,” she laughed.

Alpine hopes to establish a clothing business at some point. But for now, she hopes to involve children as well as Elders who can come together and learn from each other.