For the Love of Libraries

This week’s column was written by Invermere Library assistant Dallas Husar. Visit their website or call 250-342-6416 for more information.

It has been said “in a world where you can be anything, be kind.” If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Anne Rogers from the Invermere Public Library, you would assume these words were written with her in mind.

Anne has been library director since 2020, and this month she has retired from her position as our fearless leader. Since her arrival, she has been welcoming, encouraging, and inspiring, not only to her staff, but with everyone who steps foot in the library. Anne treats everyone with respect and kindness and has helped make the library a second home, a happy place to many.

Anne approaches all interactions with warmth and an open mind, even situations that are stressful or that others may shy away from. She embodies true strength of character, especially in a world where it’s easy to assume the worst in others.

Anne is the kind of leader everyone deserves to work for at least once in their lifetime; someone who sees her employees’ strengths and encourages them. Someone who trusts her employees’ intuitions and ideas, and celebrates everyone’s successes with them. She never withholds praise, being sure to let everyone around her know when they have done a good job or that their contributions matter.

Library staff member Japhy Hunt sums up Anne with the following: “Anne was my welcoming gatekeeper to the library. I’ll always remember meeting in the early spring sun during my interview. That conversation, to me, represented the beginnings and basis of a job that has been only filled with warmth and support from the loveliest of people around me, and she has been a huge part of that. I’m forever thankful for her trust and openness that has allowed me (and my co-workers) to branch out and assume various roles so that we can express our whole selves in the library. I think I speak on behalf of everyone working here at the library, and our community of patrons, when I say that I’m so thankful for her immense kindness, care and sincerity.”

Anne’s presence at the library will be missed as much for her warm and welcoming smile as it will be for the genuine care she showed for everyone who walked through the door.

The Invermere library passes from one capable and caring leader to the next. We are fortunate to announce that Blair McFarlane will be the new library director. Blair has been with the library for close to a decade, having started as a student page and then moving into the community outreach coordinator position. 

Blair says “Anne has been one of the most supportive and thoughtful employers I’ve had. She has been such a great leader for the library and I intend to do my best to emulate her grace, patience, and kindness as I move into the position. We will all miss her, and her impact supporting our community will be long felt.”

Thank you for everything, Anne. It has been such a pleasure working for you.