Submitted by Pat Bavin

In Japanese, Shrinrin Yoku, means Forest Bathing which is pretty confusing for us westerners when it’s simply about walking slowly in the forest and breathing in the organic compounds of trees. I’ve now decided to go to the root of this outdoor experience and use the word “meditation” as that truly is what goes on, a meditation walk in Nature. With such a walk come many health benefits which are amplified as we upgrade our natural, ancestral relationships with the forest through the use of our many senses. It has been brought to my attention by clients who have done more than one meditation walk that they discovered how different the next walk was compared to their first walk. For many on their first walk all the shields of doubt, confusion, and the fear of the unknown percolates through the brain as is the case with most new, first time adventures.

By the end of their walk, folks discover the experience is not at all what was expected as they find themselves elated, rested, and mentally enriched. Upon doing more walks people are free of the unknowns and enjoy a much more focused attention between their senses and new discoveries in Natures garden. Forest Bathing is purposely designed to provide the opposite experience of today’s way of life – the overstimulation of artificial intelligence and expanding impacts of urbanization has creeped into the way of life in recreation and resort communities such as the Kootenays. As an incentive to really experience the meditative values of Forest Bathing, for those who have already walked with me, I’ve decided to do a special offer for you to get out into the forest again. Check out the ad in the physical copy of the Pioneer’s Sept. 2 edition for this special offer which shall be available from now to the end of October. So get your ad coupon and let’s go for a meditation walk!

May the Forest be with you.