Dear Editor:

Having grown up in what was always referred to as The Windermere in the 40s and 50s, I find the discussion of a generic name for the area with little thought to its history is totally unreasonable.

If you asked a Calgarian where he spent his holiday time, would he answer the upper Columbia Valley?

As Mr. Wilfley remarked in your recent article The complex history of our valleys name, February 18th, the reply would always be to the lake or to Windermere.

The longest- serving organizations in the Windermere Valley proudly bear its name: Historical Society, Lions Club, Rod and Gun Club, etc. No one has challenged this in the past.

Certainly Radium and Fairmont can tout their unique assets, but it will always be the Lake called Windermere that is at the centre of this special area.

Bernice Hathaway (nee Stoddart)

Parksville, B.C.