Dear Editor:

Id like to thank Mrs. Clovechok of the CV Chamber of Commerce for setting me straight in regards to the recent all-candidates forum (see last weeks letter to the editor Chamber sets the record straight).

Mrs. Clovechok points out that the forum was never originally organized as a debate, and thus there was no change in the format made to accommodate any particular candidate.

To be fair, Mr. Wilks has shown form in ducking many community appearances before the last election where there was a possibility of becoming un-scripted from the CPC main talking points. This had been widely reported as a strategy used by many Conservative candidates in order to limit any potential gaffes and straying from Mr. Harpers tightly controlled political messaging.

But Im glad the forum was a success as reported last week. Though I still believe a true interactive debate between the candidates vying for the job of MP may yield more insight into how well the candidates know their stuff, so as to defend their partys platform and position on all the important issues in front of an audience.

Perhaps future forums could have a mix, with both time for the dry, scripted answers as well as other questions opened up to debate.

Im sure an impartial moderator could be found somewhere.

I do agree that pre-selecting the questions saves problematic grandstanding from verbal, or angry, audience members, but allowing the candidates to have them 24 hours before seems too much like an open book exam. Arent all politicians very apt at spinning a good yarn on-the-fly, or at least making any question suit their answer?

Vote responsibly,

Joe Hildes