Contributed by the Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club

While last weeks article Whiteway gearing up to shatter world record in The Pioneer is correct in that Brad Kitching was the first to lay down nordic skiing tracks on Lake Windermere at Indian Beach, the club feels its important to emphasize that the actual Whiteway concept of linking Windermere to

Invermere with a skating and nordic skiing trail came out of a conversation between (then-Greenways member) Nick Berzins and Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club member Max Fanderl.

The two were working on a kayaking and canoe guide for the Upper Columbia River, which Nick wanted to call The Blueway. Out of this conversation arose Maxs idea for the Whiteway, which he took to members of the nordic club who were interested, but unsure how to start it.

Aware that Brad had created a nordic skiing track at Indian Beach, Max suggested to Brad that he create a loop of trails to connect the Windermere and

Invermere communities. With Brads enthusiasm for the project and agreement to do the work, the nordic club agreed to support the Whiteway as long as

funding could be secured, which Nick managed to do.

To have the Whiteway extend to where it is today is thanks to the countless volunteer hours of the Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club to manage, organize and raise the money every year for it, said Max. As mentioned in the article, the donation of the broom made a huge impact on the skating surface, but we should also mention Redeye Rentals, who give the nordic club a Bobcat for $1,000 a year to be able to sweep the ice. One thousand dollars sounds like a lot, but if the daily rental of a Bobcat is about $300 a day, the club received a very sweet donation.

In order to continue to maintain the Whiteway safely and efficiently for years to come, the club is working on securing funding for a machine that will be able to plow and sweep in one pass, and effectively harvest the snow on the skating track for better skiing trails.

A funding campaign has just been launched and if you would like to make a donation towards this exciting project, please contact the club at or call 250-341-6141.