By Greg Amos

Pioneer Staff

You cant talk to a paralympic athlete without feeling a little inspired to make more out of what youve got.

Thats the conclusion Ive gained from conversations Ive had over the last month with Kurt Oatway, Josh Dueck, and Mac Marcoux three guys whove each converted their own loss into a determined athletic drive thats enabled them to compete with the best in the world on the Paralympic stage.

These three, and their teammates on the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team (CPAST) embody what human spirit is all about the will to perservere, with gratitude, in pursuit of being ones very best version of themselves.

Many of us now have the chance to glean inspiration from the athletes firsthand at Pynelogs Cultural Centre on Wednesday, January 8th (see page 2). I hope many valley residents take that opportunity; not only are these athletes role models, theyre also all-around great people, and their good energy is sure to rub off on us.

Its an admirable quality to go through dark times and a range of challenges before emerging as a better person, as all of these athletes had to do. We can all learn from them, and support them on the road to Sochi.