Dear Editor:

A recent visit to the Invermere Post Office, where I regularly bring my puppy Buddy, found me shrieking and Buddy dancing, and all the post office-goers laughing and chortling. I opened my box to get my mail and POP out came a hand! Eeeeek!

This brings a new meaning to delivery service! Buddy certainly got more adoration that day than any other.

Our usual routine is to head directly into the post office receiving area, where we all see Buddy breaking away from the crowd and racing behind the counter to say hello. Which in dog language translates to wheres the treats? They all seem to just love him and always have treats to give him with smiles and pats. He now thinks every shop in town has treats! Yikes.

Our post office staff are just so generous, happy and helpful to deal with, supportive and go beyond their regimented duties to go the extra mile for us all. I love and appreciate these awesome postal workers to no end!

Jill Unger