Pictured are Vern and Candice Snively with their two daughters.

After a devastating house fire on the morning of April 9th the Snively family of Brisco were left with nothing, but through the devastation has come community support. A group of 13 Valley residents has been working hard to put together a fundraiser for the family.

It will be generously hosted by the Horsethief pub in Radium on May the 28th from 4 p.m to 8 p.m. We have a pretty good committee together of 13 people so far. We are still looking for another couple extra hands. We have a team on silent auction items so that’s awesome because that’s going to take most of the time, said Tess Bekkering organizer of the fundraiser.

The fundraiser is a dinner, live music, and auction evening at the Horsethief Pub and Eatery with the pub donating 30 per cent of all food sales to Vern and Candice Snively.

We just felt this was one of those times that warranted the exception to give a little bit more back for the situation, said Tim Richards of Horsethief Pub.

Ms. Bekkering said that entertainment for the evening will be provided by master of ceremony Bill Cropper with live music from Smarty Pants and friends. While the group of 13 organizers continues to make preparations for the event they invite anyone who can spare one hour every Thursday for meetings to join them at 6 p.m. at La Cabina Ristorante in the Prestige Hotel in Radium.

While the organizing committee is working on building up the fundraiser Vern and Candice Snively are working on rebuilding their lives.

When it comes to the house, it’s difficult. They’re slowly putting some pieces of the puzzle together but it obviously doesn’t come overnight. The help from the community is tremendous when it comes to housing, offering to help clear their land and help them rebuild, so it’s been wonderful. It’s really amazing how this community sticks together in these times, said Ms. Bekkering.

The event organizers are looking for silent auction and live auctions to be donated to the event by local businesses. Anyone interested in donating is asked to contact Keirna Nittel at 250 347 6377 or at keirna@telus.net.