By Columbia Valley Pioneer Staff

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Some problems can happen in a second, but can take years to resolve — that’s what happened to a vandalized Meals on Wheels bus in Invermere.

Norma’s Meals on Wheels has been a staple for a couple of years. She sells many food options with a menu that includes appetizers and lunch that fill many stomachs. 

“One thinks that the food is fantastic and that it’s a huge hit for our community,” said Rebecca Ellerton, Norma’s friend who has been trying to raise money after the vandalism in March.

“A couple of windows were smashed out of it, and she hasn’t been able to get them fixed,” Ellerton noted. “She’s not sure whether she’s going to open the bus or sell it.” 

The bus was located beside the Arrowhead Brewing Company when it got smashed and vandalized.

Ellerton added that Norma owned a restaurant before, but she owns this bus now. All of the expenses from the damage will come from her own pocket. So Ellerton arranged a fundraiser a couple of months ago. 

“She does a lot of volunteering in the community, and she has been doing this for so many years,” said Ellerton. “It would be really nice if the community also had her back when it comes to something like this.” 

Using GoFundMe, they have raised $625. The goal she had set is between $5,000 – $10,000. 

Ellerton explained that the funds will go to Norma, hoping she can buy a security camera and motion lights to prevent the vandalism from happening again. 

“Even if you can’t donate a lot, $5 would go a long way. Spread the word to people, it’d be a huge help,” Ellerton said.  

If anyone is willing to donate to Norma’s Meals on Wheels, here is the website: