Dear Editor:

The Windermere Valley is well aware of Kootenay-Columbia candidate David Wilks regards towards democracy and the will of the people.

Ignoring all evidence that a majority opposed the Jumbo development, he and other RDEK directors leveraged by MLA Bill Bennett schemed away Jumbo Glacier from local authority. Wilks is a good listener, but he wont be listening to you. Hell be listening to Harper.

Steven Harper shares Wilks contempt for democracy and Parliament. Harper is disgusting people into not voting; this tactic works because in the last federal election Harpers gang was elected with the support of only 22 per cent of registered voters. Nearly twice that 41 percent didnt get off the couch!

If every one of you can defibrillate then drag, carry or prod just one dead-beat couch gnat to a poll-booth, we can get democracy back.

Bryan Stawychny