WOLF WISDOM  A presentation at Pynelogs on May 14th is a must for anyone wanting to learn the truth behind B.C.s wolf cull.   Peter A. Dettling /www.TerraMagica.ca

WOLF WISDOM A presentation at Pynelogs on May 14th is a must for anyone wanting to learn the truth behind B.C.s wolf cull. Peter A. Dettling /www.TerraMagica.ca

By Breanne Massey

Pioneer Staff

Biologist and conservation photographer Brad Hill is raising awareness about the war on wolves.

He is presenting research and an accompanying photography exhibition about B.C.s wolf cull at Pynelogs Cultural Centre between 7 and 9 p.m. on Thursday, May 14th.

Its one of those unfortunate situations where unless youre involved with conservation, most people dont know about it, said Mr. Hill. You can mention it and they go, Really? As a matter of fact, there are too many people in B.C. who have no clue that wolves are open in most of the province for hunting for most of the year.

He added the project is geared toward debunking the conservation myths and misconceptions with a collection of research thats been compiled. Theres a tremendous misunderstanding in the public about the wolves in B.C. and how theyre managed, said Hill.

The B.C. government says 84 wolves have been culled with the hope that the endangered caribou population will survive over the next five years, according to a recent CBC report. The action stems from caribou herds being on the brink of extinction.

Wolf Awareness Inc. director and event organizer, Sadie Parr, was eager to help sponsor the exhibition.

Im hoping there will be a good turnout so that we can bring this issue to light and get people involved with whats happening, said Ms. Parr, noting the issue remains close to her heart. Wolf Awareness Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing positive attitudes towards predators in general, the wolf in particular, and an appreciation of the environment of which all of us are a part.

Were bringing this information to several small communities in B.C., said Ms. Parr. Weve done it in Golden and we plan to go to Cranbrook and Revelstoke as well. Its to ensure that the small local communities are aware of whats going on in their own backyards, and when I say backyard, I mean the whole of B.C.

The travelling exhibition is dedicated to raising awareness about the wolf population through providing educational resources and information to the masses.

Its not just a bunch of tree huggers, explained Mr. Hill. You want to make sure that youre on sound scientific footing. I have a real problem with people who scream about things but really have no background about them. It comes down to conservation and strong ecological work.

However, Mr. Hill believes the wolf cull is a complicated issue that he has researched and plans to use his research to educate people about current events. He added it was essential not to react to the wolf cull on a purely emotional level. You cant just have an opinion on it because you have an emotional tie to wolves or to caribou, said Mr. Hill. It doesnt really give you the big picture about whats going on. You need to have the science and you do need to know about some of the (politics)… I think most people who attend will be incredibly fascinated by it. Its not an evening of entertainment per se, but its about getting into the meat of the issue, so to speak.

When asked what people would gain from attending the presentation and hearing information about the provincial wolf cull, Mr. Hill promptly replied, Why the wolf cull is presented in an ecologically illogical way and (why its) ethically bankrupt, in a nutshell. Thats the information theyre going to be getting.

To learn more, visit www.WolfAwarenessInc.org.