After two decades apart, the combination of Denis Dufresne and Aaron Young formerly known across the country as Barrage, will be making their return to Strands Old House Restaurant on Friday, September 23rd.

Originally started out of Calgary as a violin-based ensemble, Barrage became internationally known for their unique spin on traditional music ideas, pushing the musical boundaries in their attempts to change the publics perception of what is considered to be acceptable music to be played with the violin.

The group toured throughout Europe, North America and Asia while recording five studio albums and one live album before Mr. Young said they broke off from the group to pursue other opportunities.

Since then, both Mr. Dufresne and Mr. Young have worked apart within the music industry with several notorious names including the likes of Steven Tyler while recording music for a variety of movies. Mr. Young said they have tried to reconnect several times over the years, but had other things in life that prevented the reunion.

It was a year ago that Mr. Young said he received the enticing call from Denis.

He was just like, I kind of just want to write my own tunes, play the tunes I want to play and the best musical experience I can remember was with you back in the day, Mr. Young said. I was like, Yeah, thats true, lets do this. Were writing a bunch of tunes and already theres a lot of buzz about the band and we havent even really got it going.

The new name, Ghost Boy, is a moniker known within the music industry for people like Mr. Dufresne and Mr. Young who work as side men within a variety of performances.

Weve been the side musicians for all these side projects and now were doing our own thing, Mr. Young said.

Similar to their band Barrage, Ghost Boy is going to focus on a new roots style of music, blending a variety of genres to create original and genuine music.

People are ready for it, whereas 10 years ago I think they were still in love with this new bro-country kind of sound and people are realizing that it all sounds the same and its all kind of just of the machine of Nashville, he said. People are tired of it, they want real music.

Those looking to make it out to the event at Strands are invited to call and reserve a seat for $10 cover for the night. Mr. Young said he has no doubt they will play music that appeals to everyones interests on the night.

Were literally covering the gamut, he said. We have a really great version that weve come up with for Bon Jovis Wanted Dead or Alive so its like well play an acoustic roots version of that, all the way to traditional fiddle music.

Contact Strands Old House Restaurant in Invermere at 250-342-6344.