Dear Editor:

We had a great event at Plogs on Saturday night. I dont know why it is this way, but our valley breeds and attracts creative people. We have such an array of musicians, painters, writers, builders and more. And they are all so darn talented and happy to share their creative gifts. I am sure you would agree that we have an amazing bunch of musicians here, and now we have a fantastic recording studio. Recently, a group of musicians formed an organization called the Windermere Valley Musicians Who Care.

They raise funds for so many wonderful projects that support music in our valley. This group decided to invite musicians from the valley, of every age, to write and record a Christmas CD last year. The outcome was amazing and the CD release party (at Plogs, of course) was so fun.

So they took on another project this past spring, to create a Songwriters In the Valley CD collection. Twenty-two musicians of all ages participated, creating original music all recorded here in the valley. The CD release party was at PLogs last Saturday night it was a sold-out event, with every nook and cranny filled with music lovers!

Ahhh, it was so much fun, and what a tribute to our local musicians. Its at times like this that I love living here.

Such a tight-knit community that just cares about each other. I even had a few tears (happy ones!) just feeling the pride and connection to the musicians who have made their meagre careers in this valley just because they believe in our community and in the power of music. We are truly blessed to have this quirky, creative, idiosyncratic artist community around us. Next time you see a Columbia Valley musician give them a hug!

Jami Scheffer