Dear Editor:

To my brothers and sisters: dearly beloved, humans are still on the warpath.

Oh, that you could know to be on your best behaviour, but that is too late anyway. You, children of God, are deer and know to be as you are, not to be as man wants you to be, but man seems to be too ignorant of life to know that too.

What can we do but continue to be true to ourselves? I want a miracle for you to spare your lives, but it is not for me to say how or what it will be.

I only know what is the law of life, as God created it to be, that as we do unto others so it will be to us.

You are innocent and beautiful, and if given the opportunity to respond with love and joy, you would do it, in whatever form that would take.

Live and let live is your demonstrated way of life. So be it!

Mark Pocock