Dear Editor:

You could say that Proportional Representation, for Justin especially, is bad PR! I know exactly what his father would say! In just one word… unconstitutional! Nowhere, in fact, does the Constitution Act 1982, including The BNA Act 1867, mention the word Party or Political Party even once! Insert here, Trudeau the Elders classic, charismatic, intellectual indignation. Talk about alternate facts… our democracy is founded on individual representation by population.

Only a Canadian citizen can stand for election to any legislature in all the land! If you want to change it to say that a political party can just appoint (from some changeable backroom list) an MP or MPP, then you must change the constitution to say that exactly. This is why we have a constitution! As King Hammurabi (circa 1750 BC) first said, It is written in stone! As Pierre Trudeau said and entrenched in our very constitution, you must have seven provinces representing over 50 per cent of the population signed on and then, and only then, is it done and done perfectly legal. Otherwise, its unconstitutional!

Michael John Charette

Oakville (regular Valley visitor)