Pioneer Staff

A number of people have let us know that there have been two grizzly bears roaming the area near Johnston Rd., Invermere, on the way to Paddy Ryan Lakes.

Two bears have been spotted: one large, and one younger, smaller bear.

A night camera at a nearby farm caught the larger bear on tape, and the owners of the camera were impressed by the size of the bear. Another ranch near the road also reported seeing a grizzly hanging around the property.

Johnston Rd. is a popular place to walk, run, and cycle, so remember to travel with a group that makes lots of noise, or opt to enjoy one of the many other roads or trails in the valley.

Also, remember to keep your yard bear-proof, in order to avoid problems with bears in town like the ones experienced in the valley last season.

Keep your fruit trees clean all season, and dont leave garbage or compost accessible.