By Steve Hubrecht
[email protected]

Holding Halloween during a pandemic comes with certain spooky challenges, because COVID-19 protocols — particularly those around social distancing and not gathering in crowds — must be followed. This, unfortunately, means the annual haunted house event held by Pynelogs has been cancelled this year, but if you’re afraid, this means there’s no frightful fun, fret not: local Women Who Wander community coordinator Kayla Kay is putting on a Haunted Hike event.

The Haunted Hike will be held in the Lake Lillian-Johnson trails area this Friday, Oct. 30. There will be a family-friendly (i.e. not so super spooky) hike, followed by one targeted at adults that is, as Kay puts it, “full scare.”

“I’m a huge fan of Halloween,” said Kay, adding she had volunteered at the Pynelogs haunted house events the past two years, and when it had to be cancelled due to the pandemic this year, she put on her thinking cap. “I knew there had to be a COVID-19 safe way to get the community out for some Halloween fun,” she said. “Then I realized, I hose hikes (as part of her job at Women Who Wander), so why not have a haunted hike.”

Those wishing to go on the hike must take turns waiting in their cars at the Lake Lillian parking lot. When it is their turn, hiking guides will come to get them, and take them on a frightening hike through the forest. “It’s a 10-minute jaunt. There will be pumpkins, people hiding in the forest, and much more,” said Kay. “It will be an exciting, socially distant way to get out and have some fun.”

Kay is appealing to anybody who may be driving in the Lake Lillian area on the Panorama road on Friday to please slow right down and be doubly extra careful as there will be people, including kids, out and about in costumes in the dark.

 The family-friendly hike will run from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The adults hike is from 7:30 p.m. onwards. Everybody who wishes to go must register beforehand. To do so, visit the Women Who Wander website at, then go to the site’s events calendar. Alternately, register for the event by searching for it on