These days Black Star Studios is overflowing with holiday spirit that just might rub off on anyone who enters the shop.

Natalie Ruby, co-owner, said classes and workshops are running all Christmas break to give everyone a chance to make their own art.

“We always love getting creative,” she said, adding that it’s extra exciting this time of year. “It’s a fun time in this valley in this cute little town.”

Whether customers want to make their own artwork or shop the store’s handmade selection, she said you can never go wrong with a handmade gift.

“Being creative is super fun, and I think giving handmade gifts is a great idea. We have people who come in here and make art and give that as a gift,” she said. “There’s no question that it’s a thoughtful gift when you make it yourself. It’s usually handmade with love, which is something you can be proud of.”

Black Star Studios is offering enough workshops to keep all the valley’s elves busy painting snowmen or wintery scenes, making wreaths, and glazing or molding festive ornaments. You can even design your own ugly (or very lovely) Christmas sweater.

“You can bring your own sweater or we’ll provide one and you just get it all festive for the holiday season,” she said. “They’ll add some tinsel or they’ll cut out some snowmen or they’ll make their winter wonderland scene on their sweater using felt and bows and whatever we can get our hands on.”

Customers can sign up for any of the workshops, nab gift certificates for a special someone’s stocking or book private workshops. Still need an idea for your staff party? They do those too.

“It’s a good way to get in the spirit of Christmas and enjoy each other’s company while doing something creative and handmade,” she said. “People really, really love it. Sometimes they like to have an experience rather than just a gift.”

Some families enjoy making holiday art together so much that they include a trip to Black Star Studios as one of their winter requirements.

“We’ve got lots of families that make it a tradition. We’re looking forward to seeing the kids again for the holidays,” she said.

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