By Kelsey Verboom

Pioneer Staff

This Sunday, June 19th is Fathers Day, and Columbia Valley dads will hopefully be getting the pat on the back they deserve.

These days, dads come in all shapes and sizes. Kids may have two dads, no dad, a stepdad, or a mom or sibling who pulls dad duty. Whoever fills the father shoes in your household, Fathers Day is a good time to say thanks for everything they do for you.

My own dad has been an anchor in my life, and someone I always go to first to discuss important, or trivial, matters. He will be mortified that Im writing about him, but hey, he did the wave once at my elementary school play, so alls fair in love, right dad?

My first memories of my dad are riding on his shoulders during walks, my fingers clutching his hair and my chin resting on his head. He would make me squeal by pretending to be a horse, galloping down the trail. When I graduated from riding on his shoulders to riding actual horses, he was always there to drive me to practice and to cheer me on during competitions.

Most of all, hes always encouraged me to do exactly what I want, even if it was a little bit scary as a parent to let me travel alone, go heli-skiing, or change my mind after university.

Some of my dads best qualities are his genuine love of people and his sense of humour. I used to hate going to do errands around town with him, because it always took half an hour at each store while he stopped to talk to everyone. I now understand that he loves listening to people and connecting with them, and I love him for that.

Dad, Happy Fathers Day. Thank you for everything youve done, and continue to do for me every day. I know I wouldnt have made it where I am without your love, guidance, and honest advice. Youre one rad dad.