Dear Editor:

We were so pleased to hear that council is now considering the inclusion of the public library in the new community centre. The library was our very first stop back in 1996 when we moved here, and our entire four-generation family has used and supported the library ever since.

The community centre is exactly the right place for a facility that offers much, much more than reading materials. Over the years, I have observed the library provide companionship and outreach for seniors; a welcome haven for stay-at-home mothers with toddlers; tourist information for both out-of-town visitors and newcomers; office support for small business owners (public computers, technical support, photocopying); research assistance for genealogists and historians; display space for local artists and photographers; and author visits. Thats not even including the wide range of programs and special events that take place there every week.

The library belongs in the new community centre because it truly is the heart of our community.

Elinor Florence