Dear Editor:

I am very pleased and satisfied that Parks Canada has decided NOT to privatize the Hot Springs Enterprise unit, at the Radium Aquacourt, the Upper Hot Springs in Banff, or Miette Hot Springs in Jasper National Park.

Residents of these mountain park communities were overwhelmingly in opposition to a privatization effort that could have resulted in the special places losing their cultural and historic identity.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Union of National Employees conducted town hall meetings in Jasper and Radium back in 2013 to bring awareness to both the public and the local business communities. Plans to continue those conversations and expand them onward to Banff were in the works prior to the announcement on September 2nd by the federal minister responsible for Parks Canada, Catherine McKenna.

Thank you to the local residents, the travelling public, and others far and wide, for the ongoing concern and influence with respect to keeping these Hot Pools accessible, affordable and a distinct iconic Canadian experience, to be continuously delivered within Parks Canada. These special places belong to the people of Canada and should be enjoyed by ongoing generations of all peoples, from Canada or elsewhere.

Kevin A. King, National Executive Vice President

Union of National Employees

Public Service Alliance of Canada