Dear Editor:

Scientific research and experimentation is how we learn how the world works. Scientists publish their findings in journals so that other scientists around the world can check their results to either corroborate or refute their findings. Only through a completely free sharing of information can we advance our knowledge.

Harper and his cronies (notably the mis-named Environment Minister Peter Kent) have, over the last few years, set out to destroy how science is done in Canada. World class scientific programs have been cancelled, and government scientists have been muzzled from speaking to the press.

In his latest twist, Harper has ordered all government scientists to await governmental approval before submitting their findings for publication. This came into effect on February 1st, 2013. As if this were not enough, on February 7th, a new edict came down, prohibiting scientists from even applying for grants to fund research unless they have governmental approval.

The outcome of these policies is clear. Harper and his Conservatives want complete control of all scientific research, so that no evidence can be gathered which goes against their policy of developing any and all fossil fuel resources at any environmental cost.

These moves are the equivalent of a ban the books movement and are yet another example of Harpers complete disdain for democracy.

Norm Funnell

Radium Hot Springs