Dear Editor:

I am delighted to read in The Pioneer about the navigation equipment enhancements to Fairmont Hot Springs Airport, which will allow some aircraft to land in inclement weather.

My appreciation is two-fold. In 2013, my child was rushed to Alberta Childrens Hospital in Calgary by road ambulance in treacherous winter conditions as visibility was not favourable for an air medevac. Those precious minutes could make the difference to a childs life.

I am also a proponent of WestJet service to Fairmont, rather than the RDEKs and the District of Invermeres stance of supporting Cranbrook for WestJet service as its already served by Air Canada. Perhaps this enhancement will help shift the balance of local support for WestJet service to Fairmont. As a regular road commuter to Calgary (over 250 return trips), anything that allows business and vacation users faster, easier and safer access to and from other hubs such as Calgary will be a huge economic win for the valley. Congratulations and thanks to Mr. Jestley and the team from Fairmont Airport.


Rob Orchiston