Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Board of Education and staff of School District No. 6 (Rocky Mountain) I would like to express sincere appreciation to the communities of Golden, Invermere and Kimberley (and all communities in between) and to the BC Liquor Stores Dry Grad campaign.

This year, our secondary schools have been incredibly well supported by their communities in their efforts to provide our graduating students with safe, enjoyable Dry Grad activities. Our District received $9,461 through the program, all because of one-dollar donations by generous customers.

Across B.C., the campaign raised a total of $512,604 to support high schools that are planning alcohol-free graduation events for the class of 2011. Since BC Liquor Stores first annual Support Dry Grad campaign in 2001, more than $3.9 million has been raised for alcohol-free events in communities across British Columbia.

The Rocky Mountain District is very grateful that there is such broad support for our young people to stay safe as they proudly celebrate their accomplishments. Our best wishes for a happy and safe grad for everyone.

Paul Carriere, Superintendent of Schools