Dear Editor:

What kind of haywire democracy have we got anyway? Look at our last provincial election. Our riding Columbia River-Revelstoke has 22,449 registered voters. Doug Clovechok won it with 6,620 votes. Which means that 15,829 or over 70 percent of the eligible voters did not vote for Doug Clovechok. Nearly 8,000 did not vote at all. More didnt bother voting than it took to win the election! Proportional representation would be more fair.

As for the low turnout, governments themselves are guilty of voter suppression as an election tactic. The most lethal suppressors are attack ads, and simply withholding information from the public. The five or six media giants, who own nearly everything Canadians watch hear and read, were already withholding information from us. Years ago they fired their field journalists and investigative reporters and replaced them with all-purpose desk jockeys, expert panelists and op-ed commentators. Fake news as Donald Trump calls it. Canada has got it too. Even the publicly owned CBC is plagued with political interference. Fake news will give you fake democracy every time. Be wary what you believe.

Bryan Stawychny