Dear Editor:

I would like to shed light on an issue that is occurring in our backcountry that is unfair and disturbing to the individuals involved. First, let me provide some background material.

My father was always very much an outdoorsman and as long as I can remember he would take our family camping/fishing/hiking on almost every weekend and holiday possible. One of his favorite spots was back in the Findlay Creek area and he first started taking us there in the late 1950s.

My Dad is now in his early 80s and one of the last activities that he finds solace and comfort in is to go back and camp up at Findlay Creek. The area that he prefers is within cell phone service (which is a comfort to us children, in case of emergency), but is really not a spot that is very desirable to most campers. He takes great care and time settling into this spot and takes a few days to completely get set up.

So what I and my Dad find disturbing is that forestry and RCMP personnel are going out to these wilderness areas and harassing him and other campers by telling them that they must pack up and move to somewhere else. These officers advise that after leaving for 72 hours, the campers then can move back to the very same spot that they were evicted from! I understand that this policy frees up camping spots for others to use, but in my fathers case, where he camps, no one would probably want to camp there anyway.

Rather than applying this heavy-handed policy carte blanche, cant these officers use a little discretion and give leeway to these senior citizens who all they want is solitude and solace in their last remaining healthy years? Please show some compassion.

Barry Cerny