Dear Editor:

I cant help but add another idea about the deer situation to the mix. Get any of the organizations in town to join up for a few hours, make a scrimmage line and systematically, block by block, herd the deer out of town. If it were 100 head of cattle thats what would be done.

With regards to spring birthing, wherever the birth happens is where the deer thinks it lives. So herd them out before they have their young. It will take some coordination.

Say, for instance, The Pioneer says Gather at the school, form a line, with whistles, and start from the lake and start the push.

Anyone with any interest would be more than happy to join in: First Nations, kennel club (on leashes of course), Boy Scouts, church groups, horse clubs, ATV groups, helicopters and the RCMP.

In South Africa, Cape buffalo move into villages and the villagers chase them out in long scrimmage lines beating on pots and pans.

Locally, this would be a great photo opportunity for any news station, and it would put Invermere in the world news. A few hours, a nice walk, some great pictures and every one can quit fighting over this small problem. Thats the idea. Peace all!

Jerry Johnson, Parson