Submitted by RDEK

With skyrocketing demand and record high temperatures, the RDEK is appealing to users in its East Side Water Service Area to take steps to reduce water consumption and stop all outdoor watering of lawns.  

“Between Friday night and Sunday morning, water consumption in the East Side Service area more than doubled and continues to be very high,” explains RDEK Engineering Services  Manager, Brian Funke. “When you have huge peaks like this, it puts an incredible strain on the system and makes it very difficult for the water treatment plant to keep up. We are looking to the  community to help ensure we can maintain water service by reducing all unnecessary water use,  including watering of lawns.” Anyone wishing to water gardens and plants is asked to water only on their designated days and minimize the amount of time they water for. 

These temporary measures are expected to be in place for at least another week to ten days;  however, with the forecast pointing to a hot, dry summer, the RDEK may then introduce some amended watering guidelines to allow residents to still water their lawns and gardens, but maintain a balanced draw on the system due to the higher consumption. 

“We would like to thank the residents who have taken steps to reduce their water consumption – both indoors and outdoors – and who have shared the message with their friends, neighbours and community associations. You are making a positive difference in your community,” adds  Funke.  

The East Side Water Service Area includes the communities of Windermere, Timber Ridge,  Timber Heights, Baltac, Akiskinook, Calberley Beach, Swansea, Pedley Heights and East Side.