Dear Editor:

After two weeks of intensive racing, hiking over 700 kilometres through rain and snow and over glaciers, climbing 55,000 metres, and paragliding 414 kilometres in spectacular places and some very intense areas, our 2011 RedBull X-Alps race came to an end at the Matterhorn.

We are extremely proud to have placed 14th in a field of 30 teams of the most accomplished paraglider pilots and adventurers in the world.

Our success in this race couldnt have been done without the help and support of our friends and all the wonderful people in the Columbia Valley. Your confidence in us and support at our fundraiser event kept us pushing through those days and nights of absolute fatigue. Your comments in the diary on the website helped us mentally and we felt you were all with us on this adventure. It is something we will never forget, and we look forward to getting back to Invermere to share the story with all who are interested.

We are so proud to have represented Canada, and the Columbia Valley.

Max Fanderl and Penny Powers


Editors note: Max and Penny have been in Europe for the past month representing Canada in one of the most elite paragliding events, the RedBull X-Alps. Congratulations, Max and Penny!