Dear Editor:

What are they teaching kids these days!? I refer to the national Student Vote mock election program that David Thompson Secondary School students participated in recently. The students results were near polar-opposite to the real-world election!

How did the kids get it so wrong? Well for one, they arrived at their voting decisions by researching the various party platforms. Now, thats radical.

How do adults do it? Studies show most voters arrive at their political opinion from television ads! Sit these kids down and blast them with attack-ads, character assassinations and the specter of rising taxes. Use the media to inject fear and insecurity in their lives then see what results you get.

Kids are smart. They will figure out elections are often won with backing from those who value money more than people oil companies, big-banks, mega-corporations and the media-consortium.

Kids, keep your eye on these abominations, because in your lifetime you will pay for what theyre doing to this planet.

Bryan Stawychny