Dear Editor:

Editors note: Verna Woodall recognized the woman in last weeks Historical Lens A woman of her times, 1930s photo as her great grandmother, Mrs. Beulah S. Palmer and submitted the following about her:

Mrs. Palmer was a resident of Wilmer for thirty-five years. She was born in Leeds County, Ontario, on March 24th 1856, and was a member of a family of thirteen. She came to British Columbia in 1900 and spent two years in West Kootenay before changing her residence to Wilmer. Mrs. Palmer was predeceased by her husband Elijah Palmer in 1903 when he was accidentally killed in the hills near Canal Flats whilst on a hunting trip. When she died, Mrs. Palmer left behind two sons, Allison and Blake, both residents of Wilmer. Another son, Gordon, had died previously. She had five grandchildren living in the district (of Invermere) Elmer, Howard, Lloyd, May and Ruth.

Mrs. Palmers father was first cousin to General Sherman, whose descriptive slogan concerning war is world famous. Her maiden name was Sherman, and the family are United Empire Loyalist.

Verna Woodall (Palmer)

Lloyd Walter Palmers Daughter