Dear Editor:

Regarding the Historical Lens photograph of your March 30th edition; here is a little information about the family pictured.

Jessica Alice Webster came to Canada with her parents Charles and Kate Webster and brother William in 1915. After several years living and working in the Prairie provinces, they found their way to Invermere to seek employment at the K2 Ranch.

Thomas Cletus Lewis was born and raised in Prince Edward Island and somehow found his way to Invermere and the K2 Ranch. It was there Jessie and Tom met and married in 1932.

Tom later enlisted in the Army where he served until his early death in January, 1946. Jessie was left with three young children to raise: David, who still lives in Invermere; Irene Kebe, who lives in Radium; and Edith, who lives in Alberta.

Jessie remarried in the early sixties and moved to Frazer Lake, B.C. She returned to the valley in 1973 when she was again widowed by her second husband, Lloyd Rodningen. She lived in Invermere until her death in 1987.

Jessie had five grandchildren: Kent Kebe, who lives in Radium; Colin Kebe, who lives in Edgewater; Tom Lewis, who lives in Cloverdale; Pam Blom, who lives in Kamloops; and Paige Ukass lives in Invermere. She also had seven great-grandchildren, two of whom live in Invermere and the others live in various parts of B.C. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren frequently return to the valley to visit family and friends and, of course, just to be in this beautiful place.

Kent Kebe

Radium Hot Springs