Dear Editor:

Regarding the Historical Lens photograph that appeared in your July 13th edition: the photo was taken on the grounds of what was then known as Windermere Beach, with 12 cottages, a campground and camp store.

It was constructed, operated and owned by my parents, Walter and Eleanor Stoddart (and silent partner, Lloyd Tegart), from 1940 until its sale to the Deans (about 1952), who later sold to the Calgary developer who built Terra Vista.

My parents often donated the use of the grounds to local groups including the Kimberley Rotarians, who had an annual picnic there with my mother providing homemade ice cream.

In the photo shown (U.C. Sunday School picnic), I identified Charles Ellis, local mosaic artist and mountaineer (holding an ice cream cone, rear row) and standing to his left is Mrs. Howard Cleland, mother of Audrey Osterloh. Im sure many of the then-children and adults who see this photo will identify themselves.

Since I graduated from Athalmer-Invermere High School that year (1950) and attended St. Peters Anglican in Windermere, Im not in the photo.

Incidentally, Browns Bay was named for a couple who lived at that location many years earlier.

Bernice (Stoddart) Hathaway

Parksville, B.C.