Dear Editor

I would like to comment on the raucous exchange that took place in the B.C. Legislature on March 31st. This exchange was between MLAs Norm MacDonald and Michelle Mungall on one side of the Jumbo Municipality issue and cabinet minister Coralee Oaks on the other side.

In defense of her support for the Jumbo Municipality, Minister Oakes mentioned the Resort Municipality of Whistler and how successful it has been. She neglected however to mention the fact that in early 1983 Whistler was on the verge of bankruptcy and was $27 million in debt.

The B.C. government had to step in and bail Whistler out with taxpayer money. The lesson to be learned from the Whistler bailout and the Jumbo Municipality fiasco is that anyone who ignores history is bound to repeat it.

Jim Galloway, Brisco