After two years of trying, the Columbia Valley Cycling Society (CVCS) has finally proved successful in its attempts to bring the world’s largest trail development organization to Invermere. On Saturday, November 3, the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) will be holding a free workshop at the Invermere fire hall that everyone, not just mountain bikers, is welcome to attend.

“I think it’s useful for anybody who builds trail, maintains trail, uses trail in the valley,” said CVCS president Adrian Bergles. “They can come and see some techniques for dealing with water on trails, how to put a little back into these things that provide so much entertainment and are so useful but don’t typically get all that much attention, or the maintenance and love they need to last the test of time.”

IMBA, considered the international leader in sustainable trail development and maintenance, has its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado and a worldwide network  with members in more than 30 countries.

An IMBA Trail Care Crew has been touring across Canada in recent months teaching how to build natural surface trails that last a long time and require minimal maintenance, which ultimately enhances visitor enjoyment, protects the environment and reduces trail damage.

“We are an affiliate club of the IMBA, so basically what that means is we follow their guidelines; we support what they’re trying to do,” said Bergles.

While IMBA is an advocacy group for non-motorized trails, Bergles said the CVCS is opening the workshop to motorized users as well.

The workshop is set to begin at  9 a.m. with a morning session of trail building theory in the Invermere Fire Hall classroom. After a lunch donated by A&W, participants will apply their new knowledge immediately as the afternoon session takes place on the new Kloosifier Trail at the Lake Lillian Recreation Site where they will rock armour one section of the trail. Tools will be provided, but attendees can also bring their own, and rides will be organized for anyone without a vehicle.

Anyone interested in attending is asked to RSVP by emailing so the CVCS can get an accurate count for lunch. For more information on the CVCS visit and to learn more about IMBA visit