Five letters posted. See below.

Dear Editor:

In response to the letter Culling Invermere deer is inhumane in the January 13th paper, I agree with it wholeheartedly.

I too question the accuracy of the figure of 300 deer. Ive lived in Invermere for 20 years and I have never had a single, solitary problem with a deer. Not once. Not ever. Unless the eating of tulips is considered a problem. Unless having to wait a few seconds while some deer cross the road in front of my vehicle is considered a problem.

Perhaps those people with their perfect lawns, shrubs and flowers should move to an urban centre where they dont have to worry about the deer spoiling their makeshift paradise.

Its this attitude that is the real problem, not the deer. After all, if you cant coexist with deer, most likely you cant coexist with anything.

Kathy Wilson, Invermere

Dear Editor:

Humane, or just plain, human? I am extremely disheartened and mournful about the imminent slaughter of our beautiful, innocent neighbours. I think the deer cull is barbaric, unsustainable and inhumane.

If the complainers would fence their shrubs and vegetables and keep their dogs on leashes, we would not have the demand for this terrible, undemocratic solution in Invermere.

How is having deer in our community any different than having sheep in Radium and elk in Banff? Dependent on tourism will you explain the cull as one more wildlife viewing opportunity?

Humans dont have the right to take the lives of other beings just because of the slight inconvenience of living in the real world. It is not reassuring at all that it will be done under cover of night and there will be no blood.

Just the opposite applies. The people who are demanding the killing of deer should witness the process. Take responsibility. Your kids should know that meat doesnt magically appear wrapped in plastic on styrofoam trays.

This is a terrible, short-term solution to a non-existent problem that will silence the vocal complainers temporarily only. I cant help thinking it is not far removed from other terrible examples of inhumanity. Some may feel reassured the killing is like euthanasia; not unless you support mercy killing of healthy animals by taser.

Bad karma; bad people leave my neighbours alone! Please have mercy and humanity.

Karen Brown, Invermere

Dear Editor:

I read that Mayor Taft claims that: Clover Traps are metal cages, which when triggered cause the back door to close, and the trap to collapse. Having the trap collapse prevents the deer from struggling and keeps them contained and calm…When the bolt gun is administered the deer dies instantly. Fawns or baby deer are not the target of the cull, and it is unlikely that the contractor will kill any.

First, fawns will stay with their moms for the first one to two years. Some of their moms may be killed and they themselves may not survive. The truth is that it is inhumane. For facts about the inhumanity of culling deer, search Lifeforces Boycott BC Deer Kills on Facebook.

These barbaric, ineffective kills must end. Politicians must start using their brains and hearts by placing a moratorium on further any deer kill until Lifeforce and others can provide humane solutions.

Lifeforce Society, Vancouver

Dear Editor:

I am completely opposed to the upcoming deer cull in Invermere.

I consider myself a local as I have lived here for the past 10 years, and my 8-year-old daughter wass born and raised here.

We love the deer and the fact that we live in the home of all these beautiful wild animals. I have had friends from home (Ontario) come to visit me and see deer for the first time in their lives! They are amazed at the natural beauty I am surrounded by.

I am ashamed of my town for allowing this cull. These animals live here, this is their home. Leave them be!

Jennie Hilder, Invermere

Dear Editor:

The loud voices of a few cruel and intolerant people are drowning out the silent majority and they have invented an issue of deer problem out of a complete non-issue.

The municipal government the mayor and the four councillors have completely caved in to these loud individuals and are taking part in this cruel and inhumane practice with unusual enthusiasm.

It is time to send them a clear message that they are catering to a few individuals.

Their wishes will not go unnoticed by the vast majority of the people of Invermere and we will hold them accountable for wasting public money on unnecessary wasteful causes while ignoring real issues that matter to most of the people.

This mayor and the council are now completely out of touch with the people on this issue.

Shane Suman, Invermere