Dear Editor:

It puzzles me why some people choose to believe that a deer cull or even an annual deer cull will save their precious rose bushes. Deer are in Invermere because there is critical habitat here both natural and manmade.

When deer die of natural causes or are killed by humans, ungulates from outside Invermere will fill the void. There are some very effective realistic solutions for keeping flowers safe.

Fencing is one way to keep any plants from being eaten or disturbed by wildlife. Its cheap, effective and available at the local hardware stores.

Or check the business ads at the back of the paper for contractors who can perform the work. Other options include deer repellents like Bobbex. The company says that the product is extremely safe for use on the most sensitive plantings and harmless to all wildlife including humans, pets, birds and aquatic life. Bobbex is environmentally friendly, using only natural ingredients that will not wash off. Coyote urine is also very effective and available locally.

Invermere will always have deer just as Radium will always have sheep. Tourists visit and relocate to our beautiful valley each year because of our good fortune and long-time locals like me appreciate, cherish and respect our wildlife.

Devin Kazakoff

President, Invermere Deer Protection Society