Tickets for the 7th annual Invermere MusicFest will be on sale earlier than ever this year so early that Valley Valentines can reserve a place for their dearly beloved at the summer staple.

Those who snap up their tickets on Thursday, February 14th will get some love themselves when the passes go on sale for $40. Following a two-day ticket blitz, prices will go up to $55. Shortly before the festival, tickets will go up to $65.

Already two acts are booked: The Garifuna Collective with Danny Michel – the headlining act for Friday evening – and Big Little Lions.

If it sounds like the 2019 Invermere MusicFest is starting off with a crescendo, that’s because it is. This year Jami Scheffer is sharing the director role with a group of women – Andra Louie, Clarissa Amaro and Kim Culler – who have been involved with the festival in the past as organizers and volunteers.

“It’s not just me anymore. There’s three others, and it’s going to be awesome. They’re all strong, smart go-getters,” Ms. Scheffer said. “It was time for some young blood. It was time for some fresh ideas and new energy, and I’m happy to pass on some of the torch. I know it will be the best thing for the festival.”

In 2019 the quartet of directors are preparing to invest more in advertising and marketing, bring in a new designer, build connections with those organizing other music festivals, add a cider to the refreshment offerings and develop a system to make the bar more efficient. And that’s just for starters.

“There was an interest to see the fest continue to grow… and they were all willing to step up,” Ms. Scheffer said.

Ms. Louie was beyond willing to help. She was thrilled.

“Passion is number one, and the four of all have a lot of passion for music and for community and we know good music,” she said.

While Ms. Louie is eager to crank up the volume in 2019, she gives credit to the past organizers and the Columbia Valley Arts Council for all they’ve done to give the current directors a solid foundation.

“As a family we travel to other music festivals. Music festivals are holiday destinations for us so we’re really, really fortunate to have Invermere’s music festival basically in our backyard,” she said. “It’s such a safe family-friendly space.”

With the performances, the location by the beach, the nearby playground, the gathering of friends and family and the opportunity to enjoy adult refreshments on the lawn, she said the festival is “an all-in-one for us.”

The annual Invermere MusicFest will return to the waterfront on August 16th and 17th. To get your passes, add one more item to your Valentine’s Day checklist and book yours at