NEXT LEVEL Local talent Bryce Huston has recorded his first album which hell be performing at Shakmans Bar and Grill in Invermere on Friday, February 24th. It will be his first live performance and the cost of entry will get you a copy of his album.Photo submitted

By Eric Elliott

Pioneer Staff

Bryce Huston will be making his live music debut at Shakmans Bar and Grill on Friday, February 24th, premiering his first album, Best I Can Be, at 6 p.m.

For 22-year-old Mr. Huston, creating and producing an album on his own has been a large endeavour and one thats been years in the making.

It definitely feels good, he said of seeing his first album come to fruition. I also thought maybe this album wouldnt turn out 100 per cent, but its a stepping stone and a foundation. Im already halfway through my second album so when I go to produce that, I already know the steps that Ive had to take and all the other stuff that maybe Id like to do differently the second time.

As a young recording artist, one of the difficulties he found in producing an album was the perfectionism it can entail with having to constantly edit each song to produce the tracklist.

It was definitely a lot to learn and a lot of discipline. You sometimes think that you have to get it perfect on the first run. Sometimes youll do like 20 takes thinking thats not good enough so you try it again and again.

The album comes just five years after picking up the guitar for the first time as a teenager before falling in love with writing and playing his own music. He said he receives the inspiration for his music from everyday problems and life experiences, which he hopes the audience and listeners of all ages are able to enjoy.

A lot of stuff you can relate to, a lot of everyday kind of stuff that I think everyone deals with that people can relate to and if they cant, they know someone who can relate to it, he said. Theyre really uplifting, motivational where if youre having a hard day or are feeling down, you can throw on a track and feel a little better.

Despite recording his album, Mr. Huston said that hes never performed in front of a live audience before thats larger than his friends and family, something he said hes looking forward to coming up at Shakmans.

Its good, Mr. Huston said. Its your body telling you that youre stepping out of your comfort zones and saying, Are you sure you want to do this, so you have to sometimes take your nerves as a blessing, not something scary.

Those looking to purchase tickets for the event can pick them up at Do Nothing Floatation or Om Organics in Invermere or visit his website at the price is $20. Each ticket covers the cost of one entry, one album and a $5 drink voucher at the event.